Artist Statement:

Following my previous work that investigates the dialectic of memory and novelty in the recollection of childhood experience, this series seeks to explore juvenile representations of the body. Shadow puppets are a form of play that teaches children about the dynamic relationship their bodies have with the physical world. They also give children the opportunity to fantasize about their bodies as being capable of something novel, something other than themselves, and might therefore be in some way responsible for the way children learn empathy and a sense of the other.

Shadows are as reflective as they are haptic, and are an image of the self that is home to both fear and fun. It is in the darkened bedroom, armed with a torch and young hands, that we first encounter the archetypes that will haunt us our whole lives: the shadow, and the animals that live inside us always.


Image © Sue-Ching Lascelles We Make Shadow Puppets 2007, Felt, wood, vinyl stickers, wire, polyfill, polyester thread